5 Cool Facts about Sheepskin

June 10, 2021
Madison Sheepskin Sliders

You probably know we use sheepskin across a lot of our designs here at Bedroom Athletics.  From the super fluffy Madison slides to the luxurious Harris Tweed Kate and William mule slippers, the fashion forward Mabel sandals and our brand new Carmen Surf Boots. 

What you might not know though is just how brilliant sheepskin is as a fabric, for so many reasons.  So, we thought we’d tell you bit more about its amazing properties and why we include it in many of our styles.

Luxury Sheepskin is:

  1. A natural insulator – it can help you regulate body temperature by stopping you from overheating or sweating when it’s next to your skin
  2. Naturally breathable – wool fibres can absorb moisture and move it away from the skin, evaporating into the air. This means your feet don’t stay damp even if they’ve been exposed to water before you put your sheepskin slippers on.
  3. Water resistant – have you ever seen a sheep in a raincoat??? Wool naturally repels moisture so whilst it can get damp, it doesn’t retain the wetness.
  4. Supportive and cushioning – the spiral type shapes of the fibres mean when they come together, they offer both support and comfort for your feet.
  5. Bacteria resistant – wool is naturally resistant to dirt and bacteria.

Which Sheepskin do we use for our slippers?

There are lots of examples of sheepskin to choose from, we choose to use Grade-A Australian Sheepskin in our products as it represents some of the world’s best natural materials.

We do understand that some people aren’t comfortable wearing animal products, and we respect and understand the choices people make about what they buy.  We’ll be launching our very first vegan range of products this year and we’re really excited about expanding our offering to include a wider range of options for our customers, old and new.