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Sheepskin slippers

5 reasons you should invest in a pair of sheepskin slippers

We bet you didn't know this about sheepskin slippers...
by Gwyneth Moore on October 06, 2022
Girl sitting on a bed

Reasons why everyone should buy some luxury slippers and dressing gowns this season

It's the perfect time of year for snuggly slippers and loungewear. See why you should be investing right now...
by Gwyneth Moore on June 10, 2022
Men's clog slippers

Why you should be wearing slippers and not shoes in your home

Do you wear shoes in your home? Even just whilst you bring in the shopping? You might want to swap them for a pair of slippers....
by Gwyneth Moore on January 24, 2019
Slipper Boots on a table

A pair of slippers for every occasion

We've found you the perfect slipper for every eventuality...
by Gwyneth Moore on January 14, 2019