5 Cool Facts about Sheepskin

by Gwyneth Moore June 10, 2021
Madison Sheepskin Sliders

You probably know we use sheepskin across a lot of our designs here at Bedroom Athletics.  From the super fluffy Madison slides (pictured) to the luxurious Harris Tweed Kate and William mule slippers.

What you might not know though is just how brilliant sheepskin is as a fabric, for so many reasons.  So, we thought we’d tell you bit more about its amazing properties and why we include it in many of our styles.

Sheepskin slipper benefits

sheepskin properties in slippers


Here are some of the many reasons why sheepskin is a great material to use in slippers.

Sheep wool insulation

Did you know that sheepskin's thermostatic properties make it versatile? You'll be pleasantly delighted to learn that sheepskin is a material with tremendous year-round advantages, making it a popular and superior option for slippers.

Naturally breathable

Wool fibres can absorb moisture and move it away from the skin, evaporating into the air. This means your feet don’t stay damp even if they’ve been exposed to water before you put your sheepskin slippers on.

Water resistant

You may be wondering is sheepskin waterproof? Sheepskin naturally repels water. Sheepskin is shielded from moisture by the thick, water-repellent layers of its wool fibres. After being exposed to snow or rain, sheepskin jackets only need to be softly shaken and smoothed with a soft brush.


comfortable sheepskin slippers

One of the cosiest shoe kinds you can wear is a pair of sheepskin slippers. Since the texture is so plush, your feet will feel incredibly comfortable. Additionally, this reduces stress and increases feelings of relaxation.

The exterior layer of wool has the special advantage of being made of a protein layer that is incredibly smooth, allowing the fibres of sheepskin to readily rub against one another and facilitate movement while also improving comfort. This flexible protein layer can readily glide against the skin, reducing the chance of long-term skin breakdowns.

Bacteria resistant

Genuine sheepskins are naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Because of its ability to clean itself, lanolin inhibits the growth of bacteria. The fibre made from sheep skin is spiral-shaped, which traps and catches airborne debris. Dust and airborne allergens are lessened as a result.

What type of sheepskin do we use?

There are lots of examples of sheepskin to choose from, we choose to use Grade-A Australian Sheepskin in our products as it represents some of the world’s best natural materials.

Molly - Double Faced Sheepskin Mule - CappucinoMolly - Double Faced Sheepskin Mule - Cappucino

Sheepskin slipper alternatives

We do understand that some people aren’t comfortable wearing animal products, and we respect and understand the choices people make about what they buy.  That’s why we also supply a wide range of vegan slippers. Aimed at those looking for alternatives to leather and animal by-product options the new range combines colour, comfort, and style perfect for relaxing at home or your home-from-home.

Pick the perfect slipper for you with Bedroom Athletics

If you’ve been won over by all the sheepskin benefits, then take a look at our wide range of stylish and comfortable sheepskin slippers, available in a variety of colours and styles for both men and women.