Reasons to be Cheerful on this Blue Monday!

by Gwyneth Moore January 18, 2021
Happy girl with balloon

It might be Blue Monday – the 3rd Monday in January where Christmas seems a distant memory and payday a long way off - and this year you could be forgiven for thinking it’s Blue January, February and March too! But we think there’s still some good reasons to be cheerful.

  • Now I guess we would say this as we’re all about staying warm and cosy indoors, but there is something to be said for NOT feeling guilty about staying in your PJ’s all day and NOT taking your slippers off until you go back to bed. It’s pretty grey and cold out there right now and worse weather is apparently on its way!
  • It’s still winter, and January can often bring some of the worst weather of the year, BUT we’re already over half-way through January now! Then it’s February and before you know it March and Springtime will be here!
  • The days ARE getting longer – from 21st December the shortest day of the year (Winter Solstice) every day gets a little bit longer, until 21st June the longest day of the year (Summer Solstice).  Each day sunset gets that little bit later.
  • If you prefer the long dark nights of the colder months, here’s a real treat. Some of the country’s best loved Dark Skies Festival events are going online this year for the first time.  This means we can now all experience the wonders of the night sky in the comfort of our own homes. Learn about cosmic discoveries, stars and upcoming developments in space from your sofa, great news for budding astronomers and the dreamy stargazers amongst us.
  • We’re a nation of dog lovers so this next one should make most of us smile. Ben and Jerry’s have launched their first range of ice cream for dogs, yes you heard us right, ice cream for dogs, called Doggie Desserts. The first flavours are Pontch’s Mix which is peanut butter and pretzel swirl flavour, and Rosie’s Batch – pumpkin and cream flavour. Apparently, they’re completely safe for dogs to eat and contain minimal dairy.  They’re not available in the UK quite yet, but we’re guessing they might be sometime soon. Would you give your best friend dog friendly ice cream?

 Whatever way you choose to spend your Blue Monday in 2021 we hope it’s a cheerful one.