Campervan Tips for Beginners

by Gwyneth Moore March 19, 2021
Girl sitting in the back on a camper van with a great view

If you’re one of the hordes of people who took the plunge and bought a campervan this past year, then you’ll have your own stories to tell about your adventures on the road.  One thing’s for sure, holidays have taken on a new meaning the past couple of years and for many of us it’ll be confined to a staycation.

For many a campervan means freedom! Having your own space, stuff and privacy, that you can take anywhere, experience a change of scenery (when we’re allowed of course) and be self-sufficient.

We did a trawl of some of the things people consider good advice for new and novice campervan owners.

Campervan Guide

Read on to discover some of our top tips and advice for your campervan adventures.

Check your van driving skills

This might seem like an obvious one, but driving a campervan is not like driving your average car. Even with power steering, parking sensors and other aides, driving a van is very different when it comes to handling and controlling it. It can be difficult to park in some spaces too, like supermarket parking bays, undercover car parks and driveways.

Be free!

With the unpredictable UK weather, a campervan is a great opportunity to go with the flow and take off when the sun shines, with little planning. Even though it’s good to have some idea of where you’re heading, it can also be exhilarating to see where the road takes you. There are some great online communities for sharing tips, routes and great places to stop to get you started too.

Take the essential motorhome accessories (in small sizes)

If you’re heading out on the road for a one-night stopover or for longer, you’ll still need some essentials to keep you comfortable and to save you having to stop and buy things en-route. You may remember to take the more obvious items like a camping stove, plates, cutlery, bedding etc., but don’t forget those smaller items that can really make a difference too - oil for cooking, salt and pepper, containers for leftovers, a torch, something to clean up with and gather rubbish in. Don’t forget to pack some snacks too, especially if you’ve planned lots of calorie burning outdoor activities.

It's all about the campervan experience

Even though it’s important to pack the important things, it’s also crucial not to overload your camper with unnecessary items. It can be tempting to pack multiple clothing options, hairdryers, your special mug, and lots of other things you think will make it more homely. 

The truth though is that less is more when it comes to travelling in your own small space. It’s about the journey and the destination and not really about the stuff. Packing versatile items that double or triple up on functionality are really useful.

We think our Mabel slides for women and Efron Slides for men (pictured) are great for campervan adventures.  They’re super easy to slip on and off when you’re getting in and out of your van (especially for the midnight dash), they’re super comfortable, and they look pretty cool too.

Mens efron slider slippers for outdoors

Whatever you’re planning for your campervan adventures this year we hope you enjoy the freedom!

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