Dressing gowns | Unwind and relax in complete hygge

by Gwyneth Moore December 06, 2018
Girl in a dressing gown

These days, dressing gowns are used in many ways. We use them to dry ourselves, get warm and cover-up after a bath, to relax in at the spa and they are the perfect addition to our loungewear when chilling out at home.  

If it was socially acceptable, we’re sure that most of us would live in our luxury robes and loungewear. Recent trends have seen celebrities wearing PJs and underwear out in public. The kimono and lingerie robes are styles that the fashion world has adopted to team with jeans and other ‘outside’ clothing items. If they’re doing it, we can do it too, right?

Girl in dressing gown and pyjamas

Talking of wearing things in public that aren’t very, well, common, some celebs have even been snapped wearing their dressing gowns to pop to the local shop. Do you remember when Rita Ora arrived to host the MTV EMa’s 2017 dressed in a dressing gown and towel 

Donald Trump’s dressing gown (supposedly) even had its own Twitter account at one point. Just like us, celebs and people in the media wear dressing gowns too. Who can blame them when they’re so darn comfy

Man in dressing gown

Back in the day 

Dating back hundreds of years, dressing gowns, also called bathrobes, robes and housecoats, were originally worn by men between the 17th and 19th century. Named “banyans”, the design, a T-shaped kimono, came from Persia and Asia. There’s not much when reading through history that mentions women wearing dressing gowns. It doesn’t seem that women wore them until the 19th century. Now, dressing gowns are a must-have for everybody.

Girl in dressing gown and slipper boots

Wrap up in style 

The whole idea behind a luxury robe is comfort. They are our keep-us-warm companions. We’ve all passed a fluffy dressing gown in the shop and just had to stop to stroke it. Don’t deny it. What’s more, who wants to sit around in a towel after a shower or bath when you can dry yourself in a dressing gown (the terrycloth type). Especially if you don’t live alone, as towels can sometimes be a bit too revealing. You might want to keep a towel aside to dry your hair though!

Man in dressing gown

There are many different styles, materials and features on the dressing gown market, all of which have their own benefits to the wearer. Warmth, convenience and absorbency are some of the main benefits dressing gowns offer, depending on the fabric and design. With so many options available, there’s a dressing gown, house coat or bathrobe out there to suit everyone. 

Girl in dressing gown

Treat yourself 

Don’t settle for your current, moth-eaten, dusty dressing gown. We haven’t really needed them this summer due to the amazing weather, so you’re old favourite probably hasn’t seen the light of day for a good few months. What better excuse to invest in a new one? 

The range of dressing gowns at Bedroom Athletics are fluffy, snug and great quality. So, go on, treat yourself. Not only will your body thank you for it, you’ll be able to unwind in complete hygge!