A pair of slippers for every occasion

by Gwyneth Moore January 14, 2019
Slipper Boots on a table

Brrr...... Now that we are deep in the depths of winter and the cold snap is well and truly knocking at our frost-covered doors, we should be taking extra steps to keep warm over the next few months. You’ve probably got scarves, gloves and hats to keep you snug outside, but have you taken the same thought to keeping warm inside your home?

Whilst the radiators in our homes do a pretty good job of keeping us warm, we can take certain steps to minimise their use and save a bit of money ready for that glorious summer holiday. Putting on a jumper or dressing gown will warm up your torso, whilst a cosy warm pair of warm slippers will make sure those feet are extra toasty.

You may already have your favourite pair of slippers, but are they suitable for outside and inside? Summer and winter? Are they comfortable? Hard-wearing? It would be pretty fantastic to find a pair of slippers that ticks all these boxes, which is why everyone should have more than just one. Cameron Diaz wasn’t shy with the amount of different loungewear she wore in “The Holiday”, so why should you be any different with slippers?

There’s a pair of slippers for every occasion...

Dressing Gowns

For putting your feet up

There’s no better feeling than getting home after a long day at work and putting your feet up. What’s even better is putting those feet up in a super-comfy pair of slippers such as our Marilyn or Monroes. You want something that isn’t going to slide off your feet every time you move, which is why slipper boots are the perfect style. They’re also ultra-soft to the touch

For doing jobs around the house

A mule slipper is just what you need when you’re putting the hoover round, dusting your bits and bobs and getting in and out of the bath to give it a clean. Easy to slip in and out of quickly, our Molly and Kate slippers are the ideal, comfy choice and are the prefect slippers for summer.

For the spa

When you’re in the spa, surrounded by steam and the possibility of eating lunch in the luxurious dressing gown you’ve been given for the day, you want slippers that allow your feet to breathe. Ahhh. Sometimes you’re given a pair of slippers from the spa you’re visiting, but there’s nothing better than the comfort of your own. Our slider and toe-post slippers are right on trend, heaven between the toes (thanks to our gorgeous faux fur) and perfect for relaxing in.

For taking the bins outside

Particularly at this time of year, you’re going to want “outside" slippers that keep your feet cosy and that have a hard-wearing sole. Our Kara slipper is the ideal mixture of warmth and functionality; easy to slip on at the front door and pop outside to get your purse from your car, hang out the washing or take the bins out. Not only does it keep those toes toasty, it keeps those ankles snug too!

Women's sheepskin slipper boots

Photo credit to @girltalkwithlaura

There you have it. A pair of slippers, whatever the occasion might be. Whilst its threatening to snow outside, you can reassure those feet that they've no need to worry with a soft, snug pair of slippers (or two, or three...).

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