House and About

by In Fo May 12, 2023
House and About

With fashion comes many contradictions, skirts that are actually shorts, loungewear meant for workouts and bras that double up as tops, so it was only a matter of time before fashions next oxymoron…Enter the outdoor house shoes!

Brody Slippers

According to this summer’s hottest trends, the classic housebound shoe is getting a makeover. The newest style is a triple threat supporting work, rest and play with its perfect blend of comfort, functionality and fashion.

The multi-functioning shoe offers an individual sense of style, swapping out the classic summer sandal, for a cosy on trend alternative. Whether at the beach, by the pool, a picnic in the park or grabbing an iced coffee, the transformative slipper evokes the feeling of home wherever you go, making your feet feel like you never left.

Check out our outdoor styles to get you house and about this Summer:

Brody Clog Slippers

Brody Clog

With a non-slip durable sole, these statement felt clog slippers are great for indoor and outdoor wear. The cool and contemporary colours offer style without compromising on comfort.

Maya Slides

Maya Slide

These slippers can take you anywhere this Summer. The Borg fleece upper, in a choice of shades dusky pink or natural, makes it the ultimate statement slider to transition seamlessly between lounging and living.

Efron Slides

Efron Slide

Described as an all-season slide, these Sherpa fleece slippers are soft but durable and easy to wear at home or on the go.

Miley Clog

Miley Clog

The clog is a fashion favourite this year, with Hermes and Isabel Marant giving them the green light, making our Miley Borg faux fleece clog slippers the ultimate statement this Summer available in 3 soft shades.