How to Wash Slippers

March 01, 2021
How to Wash Slippers

How do you Wash Slippers?

This is a question we get asked by our customers on a regular basis! You've purchased a brand-new pair of slippers and they want to know how to take care of them. Well in this handy guide we will be covering how to wash faux fur slippers, how to wash sheepskin slippers and how to wash tweed slippers.

How do you wash faux fur slippers?

  • Hand wash your faux fur slippers by adding some warm water to a sink or a separate bowl with some mild washing powder.
  • Preferably using some rubber gloves, rub the slippers all over with a cloth concentrating on the areas around the sole unit, inside of the boot and any stubborn areas.
  • Give the boots a short soak in the warm water and then gently squeeze any excess water out of the slippers.
  • Pop the slippers on the washing line or on a radiator to dry out.

This technique is best for our MarilynMonroeCole and Florence faux fur slipper boots.

How do you clean suede slippers?

  • You can not hand wash or machine wash suede slippers so if you spill any liquid on your slippers the best way to clean them is by using a dry cloth to gently dab any moisture.
  • If you have stained the outer suede on your slippers you can use a suede cleaning kid on the exterior by following the instructions on the packaging. A suede cleaning kit will normally come with a stain eraser and a small stiff suede brush which works together with the eraser to remove the stains. You could also consider applying a suede safe waterproofing spray to make it easier to clean them in the future.
  • To clean the interior lining (if faux fur) you will need to get a damp cloth and a small amount of mild washing powder or soap and gently rub the inside avoiding any of the outer suede to avoid staining. Remove any left-over washing powder or soap by using a new damp cloth to clean the inside of the slipper.

This technique is best for our Hanks, Brad, Bethany, Bonnie and Brielle Slippers.

How do you clean Sheepskin Slippers?

  • To clean the inside of your sheepskin slipper, add a small amount of gentle shampoo to a damp cloth and rub the lining of the slippers all over. You will not be able to rinse out the shampoo with water so please only use a small amount of shampoo. Avoid using any detergent or strong shampoo.
  • Leave your slippers to air dry or dry them on a radiator on a low heat

This technique is best for our MollyLaurenBella.

How do you clean Harris Tweed Slippers?

  • Spot-cleaning with mild washing powder is the best way to tackle stains on your Harris Tweed uppers.
  • Use a damp cloth with a small amount of mild washing powder working the stained area. Make sure the washing powder is wool safe by checking the label on the packaging.
  • Gently dampen the cloth to remove the washing powder and repeat if the stain persists
This technique is best of our KateWilliam and Louis.