Kara's Story

by Gwyneth Moore October 23, 2020
Kara Slipper Boots on wooden floor

18 months ago, we were contacted by Tyler and this is his story.

“Those that knew my Mum – Kara Deakin, Mama Kars, will know how obsessed she was with Bedroom Athletics, particularly their range of slipper boots. She bought hundreds of pairs over the years, and the likelihood is that if you knew Kara, she probably bought you a pair as well. We always got a pair each for Christmas, I had about 10 pairs at one point. I still have about 5 currently, she got us all hooked. In-fact, I am wearing a pair right now.

She travelled around the clock with work and took them absolutely everywhere. She would drive in them, go to the shop in them, she would keep a pair in her handbag for when her heels hurt. She even had 3 or 4 pairs with her the whole time she was at Myton Hospice.

Way back in 2014 she tweeted Bedroom Athletics because they give names to each of their slipper styles, she had lots of Marilyn’s and Monroe’s, and seeing as though she was the “#No1BedroomAthleticsFan” she wanted a pair named after her, naturally! They tweeted her back and kindly offered to try and make it happen, but unfortunately it never did. So, when Mama Kars passed away last year, I was on a mission.

Since March 2019, I have been emailing Bedroom Athletics back and forth after asking if we could make her dream a reality. I am so happy that the “Kara” slipper boot is now finally here in her memory. She comes in 3 colours and is made from luxury faux fur, which I know Mum would be absolutely thrilled with. Nothing but the best for Mama Kars.

It absolutely made my day; I was almost in tears when I got the email. It was the pick me up I needed right now. I wanted to say a massive thank you to Toni, Martin and the rest of the Bedroom Athletics team for making my Mum’s dream come true. They have been so unbelievably gracious towards me for the past year and a half. This has given me something to look forward to and to think about in what a difficult part of my life. I couldn’t be more grateful.” 

Here at Bedroom Athletics, we are truly honoured to name this slipper after Kara, and it has been an absolute pleasure. We feel it is a lovely memorial.