Meet our new Slipper Testers!

by Gwyneth Moore March 09, 2021
Our new slipper testers

We began a search in January for two Slipper Testers to join us for a year to act as consultants on all things slippers, slipper boots, loungewear and homewares across the Bedroom Athletics 2021 range. We're always interested in feedback about our products so we began looking for two candidates for the job, one male and one female.

Fast forward a few months and we found ourselves overwhelmed with over 19,000 applications!

So we created a short list, carried out some online interviews and we’re excited to now introduce you to Gina and Scott our new Slipper Testers!

Gina was possibly our keenest and most enthusiastic applicant of all. She not only wrote eloquently about our brand in her application, but she followed us and reached out regularly across all of our social and digital media platforms. When we finally spoke to her during the interviews, we learned that she really knows her slippers too. She has slippers for everything, and we mean EVERYTHING! She also had some great ideas for carrying out the reviews.

Scott has been familiar with our brand for a while and we’re delighted to welcome him as an official tester. He’s unofficially tested one or two of our styles before and already knows some of our products, but we’re really excited to now share the whole range with him and get him testing our slippers, dressing gowns and homewares more rigorously. He sent us some great ideas about reviewing and sharing details of our products when he applied, so we’re looking forward to working with him too!

We’ll share more about our newest team members over the coming months and we’ll of course be sharing their feedback about our products.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Scott and Gina to the Bedroom Athletics Team!