Reasons why everyone should buy some luxury slippers and dressing gowns this season

by Gwyneth Moore June 10, 2022
Girl sitting on a bed

Winter gives us the opportunity to get out our old favourite woollies and other great items that we simply can't get away with wearing at any other time of the year.  

There's no need to wait for Christmas to throw out your moth-eaten, frayed and tired slippers. Replace them with a new, trendy option from the Bedroom Athletics collection; perfect for slipping your tired toes into after they have been trapped up in your winter boots all day. Ahh, bliss!

Kate slippers on stairs

Harris Tweed, traditionally associated with the great outdoors, could be the ultimate addition to your loungewear collection. With our Regal selection, whether you choose KateWilliam or any of the other styles in this collection, you can roam through your home like royalty. Graham Norton, Lord Sugar, Russell Cane and Chris Evans are just a few of the celebs that are loving these fabulous slippers! 

Whilst on the subject of the humble slipper, don't let your feet down by wearing the same old pair, in the same old style all winter. Let's face it, you wouldn't wear the same shoes all year, would you?

Girl in pink dressing gown

If you’re fighting over the thermostat with your other half (because they want to save on the heating bills), it could be time to get yourself some super soft Bedroom Athletics Teddy Fleece and bear fleece lined winter Slippers. This fabric is so incredibly snug, that you’ll be able to turn the heating off all together! 

Girl in blue and white dressing gown

To make yourself even warmer, why not invest in some sloungewear. “Sloungewear?”, I hear you say. Sloungewear is clothing that you can wear to relax around the house in style, but sooooo comfortable you can wear it to bed too. It’s a win, win situation! 

There’s no need to hold your tummy in again until springtime if you get the right luxury loungewear to flatter the bits you like and hide the bits that you don't. Of course, for those of you that are slaves to the gym, there's plenty of super-soft, tighter fitting options that you can lounge about in to show off all that hard work. 

Girl in blue dressing gown

Slipper socks look and feel amazing, great for lounging around. Alternatively, for those of us that have a burst of energy, stuff them into your wellies, and get out there and walk the dog in style! 

Last, but definitely not least, don't forget the special person in your life.  

Can you bare to see them in those scruffy, old joggers again this winter? We’re sure the answer is no. The best thing that you can do, for your own sake, is get him one of our Bedroom Athletics super soft and warm dressing gowns After all, you deserve something good to look at and cuddle up to on those long dark and dreary winter nights!