Taboo Or Not Taboo: Should You Wear Slippers Outside?

by Bedroom Athletics October 13, 2022
 Wearing Slippers Outside

Slippers are the ultimate footwear when it comes to relaxation and comfort. After a long hard day, slippers are like therapy for your feet. But, should slippers only be worn inside? Can slippers really be worn outside too? And what does it say about you if you do?

Loads of celebrities have been caught on camera wearing slippers in public in recent years and, sometimes, it’s hard to tell if they’re outdoor slippers or just shoes that look like slippers.  But does it really matter?  In the past few years, fashion has shifted more towards the belief that comfort really is key, and being comfortable can have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing. So, can you wear slippers outside?

Let’s find out.


Dressing for comfort

There’s no doubt that there’s been a huge growth in the wearing of more comfortable clothing from athleisure wear to loungewear.  According to GlobalData, the global athleisure market is set to grow 25% in the next 3 years and the Loungewear market is set to be worth $9.23 Billion by 2027.

So, our desire to be comfortable continues and the popularity of jersey separates, meaning comfortable footwear seems here to stay too. So, it should be no surprise then that the humble slipper has also begun to evolve, taking us from the bedroom to the loungeroom and beyond.


Celebrities wearing slippers

House shoes, outdoor slippers, slides, mules, there are lots of different slipper types available, each claiming to be the perfect option for indoor and outdoor wear.

wearing slipper outdoors

But how do you identify which slippers are okay to wear outside and which ones aren’t?  Will your slipper choice be fine for the privacy of your own home but a complete fashion faux pas out in public? You could take some style advice from the multitude of celebrities confidently stepping out in their own slipper styles.

All it takes is a quick Google search to see that celebs such as Ashley Olsen and Jennifer Garner have been caught on camera wearing clog type mules. Brie Larson was once caught in a grocery store in fluffy pink slides and everyone from Kendall Jenner to Ariel Winter have been snapped in mini sheepskin boots.


Slippers you CAN wear outdoors

There are positives and negatives when choosing your outdoor slipper style, which really depend on where and how far you want to go. If you’re just popping to the local shop and really don’t want to take those warm and comfy slippers off, then mules, boots, slides or pretty much any slipper style will do.  As long as they have a durable sole that can cope with outside terrain. 


Think about what you would do if you had to clean your slippers too. Are they washable?  If not, can you wipe them clean? Can they get wet? Indoor slippers generally don’t have to be water repellent or stain resistant in the same way our outdoor shoes need to be.

If you’re taking your outdoor slippers a little further, then make sure they’re a good fit. Slippers by their nature are usually less restrictive and are made to put on and off with ease. If you’re wearing a pair of fluffy slides will the fabric make them more slippery and harder to keep on your feet?  Perhaps a sling back style or a more fitted mule or boot would be better.

Short sheepskin boots and clog styles with fur (faux or real) linings are popular when it comes to slippers you can wear outdoors. They offer the comfort and warmth that can keep your feet happy with the protection and support you need to keep you walking further.


So, should you wear slippers outside?

Whatever your choice, there’s no doubt the options for wearing slippers outside are endless. Some styles look more like slippers than others but there also seem to be fewer rules when it comes to what can be worn in public, when it comes to style.

If celebrities have taught us anything it’s that yes, slippers are totally socially acceptable to wear outside. Perhaps all we’re waiting for is the rest of the world to catch up. Provided enough measures are in place to protect against spills, splashes and dirt, there’s nothing wrong with wearing slippers outdoors. Just don’t expect them to replace shoes anytime soon.


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