It’s been a Whole Year of Slipper Love!

by Gwyneth Moore April 29, 2022
Results of our slipper tester role for 2021/22

It’s been a whole year since we put a call out in 2021 for the ultimate dream job – as an official Bedroom Athletics Slipper Tester. We were looking for two national Slipper Testers to join our team to test and give their feedback on our range of slippers, sandals, dressing gowns and homewares.

When we advertised the role, we were absolutely blown away by the interest and had almost 20,000 applicants! Our MD appeared on TV and in national newspapers including Travel & Leisure, MSN, iNews and Sun. They all shared the story of our hunt to recruit one male and one female Slipper Tester.

The position offered £333 per month for official slipper testing duties. The testers were asked to test a selection of brand-new products, giving feedback on fit, wear and tear, design and appeal, value for money and packaging.

Our MD Howard Wetter said: “When we recruited for the 2 paid positions in 2021, we were about to head into another lockdown and many of us were still working from home. We also thought it would be the perfect fit for anyone working part-time, studying or needing to be at home with young children. We thought it was a great opportunity but even we were surprised at the response!”

We had so many entries we decided to create a short list and carry out online interviews, as there were so many great candidates. Gina and Scott were chosen from our short-list and the fun began!

Slipper tester competition winner
Gina was possibly our keenest and most enthusiastic applicant. She not only wrote eloquently about our brand in her application, but she reached out regularly across all of our social and digital media platforms. When we finally spoke to her during the interviews, we learned that she really knows her slippers too. She has slippers for everything, and we mean EVERYTHING! She also had some great ideas for carrying out the reviews.

Gina Slipper Tester

Scott had been familiar with our brand for a while, and we were delighted to welcome him as an official tester. He knew some of our products already and we were really excited to share the whole range with him and get him testing our slippers, dressing gowns and homewares more rigorously. He also sent us some great ideas about reviewing and sharing details of our products when he applied.

Scott Slipper Tester
Over the 12 months both testers were sent items from new and existing ranges and were asked to give feedback after wearing or using each product over a period of a weeks. Any suggestions were then looked at more closely by our design and merchandising team to see if we could incorporate their recommendations.

Each slipper also created content of their experience as a Slipper Tester, so we’ve put together a video of some of their highlights.

Slipper Tester Video - 1080 x 1920 from Bedroom Athletics on Vimeo.

Watch this space for new opportunities to become part of the Bedroom Athletics team as we have some really exciting developments planned for the year ahead!