Behind the Scenes | Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection Photoshoot

by Accounts Bigeyedeers November 15, 2018
Behind the Scenes | Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection Photoshoot

We always look forward to the new collections hitting Bedroom Athletics HQ. Not only do you, our ‘Athletes’, get to select from a range of new, fantastic, trendy slippers and comfy loungewear, but it means we get to bring our products to life with the help of our gorgeous models, and talented photographer and creative team. Here’s a peek behind the scenes of our Autumn and Winter 2018 collection photoshoot... 

Part of the photoshoot took place at a charming boutique salon, Hair by Stephanie Pearson, not too far from our HQ in the beautiful village of Usk. We had the place to ourselves – the perfect setting and back-drop for getting our model, Scarlett, ready for the shoot.


Whilst it was a very busy day, we did get to stop for a cuppa or two. This cup however, was set-up purely for photo purposes. It did make us question though, as we’re not hairdressers, what is our superpower?

Eufora Style

The smell of this selection of hair products was divine. Not that our model needed her hair washed for the shoot, but why is it that your hair always smells so much better when leaving a salon than when you wash it at home? We might have to invest in some of this!

Girl getting hair straightened

A bit of pampering before a photoshoot never hurt anybody, right? Scarlett enjoyed having her hair and make-up done in the salon before the photographing began. The perfect start to the day!

Fireplace image

Now if this background doesn’t warm your cockles, we don’t know what will. The candles, lighting, fluffy blankets. All we need now is the warm slippers and a nice warm hot chocolate; the ideal winter setting. The stunning house we used for the majority of the photoshoot was a perfect back-drop for our new collection.

Macbook Air

Oooo, what beautiful pink lily flowers.... sorry, we got a bit side-tracked there. This is the camera and mac used on the shoot, for the technical side of things. Our talented cameraman and creative team worked their magic to come up with some fantastic photos.

Girl in dressing gown and slipper socks

Is it just us or do these socks look super comfy? And at ONLY £10 for a pair or two, you’d be mad to miss out. Not only can you wear them around the house and in bed, they’re perfect for keeping your feet ultra-warm even in a pair of wellies! Scarlett looks quite happy to be wearing them too :-)

Model on a sofa

Scarlett looks quite at home here, in-between shots, and so would we if we were in a snug dressing gown and pair of slippers. You can also see a little of our cameraman, as he takes a quick look through recent photos he’s taken.

Cole Slipper Boots

Whilst not many of us would wear our slippers in the bath, the new lux fur collection with memory foam is so comfy you really won’t want to take them off! The bath looks perfect for a nice deep, warm bubbly soak before wrapping yourself in one of our new luxurious dressing gowns. Bliss!

Men's Dressing Gown

Turn away from the camera and then 1...2...3 look over the shoulder. Here, our male model sported one of our men’s dressing gowns against the clean attic setting.

It was a long and exhausting day on the shoot, and we look forward to the launch of all the new styles alongside our firm favourites.

Watch this space.

Love Bedroom Athletics xx