Working from Home Tips

by Accounts Bigeyedeers April 08, 2020
Working from Home Tips

Working from home, or hardly working? Here are our top tips to keep you comfy AND productive.

In these unprecedented times, working from home has quickly transitioned from a desirable perk to a business necessity. With such a big change in the way most of us work, it’s a chance to start good habits and to be mindful of our wellbeing. Keep reading to discover tips for your best balance of comfort, productivity and self-care tips while working remotely.

One of the undeniable perks of working from home is getting to go about your day in comfort – who doesn’t want to curl up to read emails in their Marilyn slipper boots? But working from home doesn’t mean you can roll out of bed and into your desk chair. Being in last night’s pyjamas probably won’t help you get your brain into “work mode” to start your day right. Get dressed into clean, fresh loungewear. You can always put your other pyjamas back on when it’s time to clock off!

Try to adapt your usual routine – have a shower, brush your teeth, get dressed, and grab yourself a tea or coffee on your commute to the kitchen table. Have breaks as you would at work, and make sure to eat lunch. Sticking to a routine as much as possible will help your brain recognise when it’s time to be productive. If you usually have a team brief at 9:00, keep having that brief over the phone or via video link. Aren’t you glad you put clean loungewear on this morning?

Refreshment breaks are as vital at home as they are in the office. Your brain and body still need to be hydrated to perform at their best, so make sure to keep drinking as regularly as you normally would. Now would also be the perfect time to use that reusable water bottle you somehow always manage to leave on the kitchen counter. It’s always good to fish your mules out from under the desk and take a walk to the kitchen and stand for a minute while the kettle boils.

Keep your workspace as flexible as you are. Working from home doesn’t have to be confined to a desk, or even indoors. If you have access to a garden or balcony, why not set up a workspace outside in fine weather. If in true British form it’s raining, setting up your work next to a window is just as good. Not only is fresh air great for your lungs, but it’s also good for the soul. A Bedroom Athletics fleecy dressing gown will keep you toasty warm in the spring breeze.

After working from home a while, you might start to notice certain times of day where you struggle to get anything done. Don’t fight it – use those moments to your advantage. Kick off your Harris Tweed slippers, unclench your body, and have a really good stretch. Pop some washing in the machine or unload the dishwasher. Dance around in your Annie dressing gown. You’ll feel so much more productive when you sit down to work again.

Your free time is sacred. Working from home can make it hard to switch off at the end of the day, so set boundaries for yourself. Make a clear distinction between home mode and work mode. Try to actually work in your time designated to work and keep your free time for relaxing alone or with your loved ones. If you find yourself refreshing your work inbox as you’re watching a film in the evening, take a deep breath. Go easy on yourself. It’s okay for things to wait until the morning.

Working from home can make it very tempting to burn the candle at both ends. We wake up early to work and stay up late to relax. Knowing you don’t have to get up as early can make it ever so easy to hit play on another episode, but it will come back to bite you the next morning when you’re groggy. Most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep a night to function well, so be mindful of how much shuteye you’re getting.

This is a disruptive time for everyone, so be gentle with yourself and reward yourself for little victories. You could treat yourself for getting to grips with a new piece of conference software, or a little reward if you’ve smashed your targets for the day. With lots of products in our sale, you could even splash any cash you save from every week you go without takeaway coffees and meal deals.

Making sure to balance your productivity, comfort and wellness can make working from home seem like a doddle. Spoil yourself with this spring’s must-have work wardrobe – Bedroom Athletics.

Written by Polly Zaffino