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5 Summer Slipper Trends for 2022 - Bedroom Athletics

Summer Slipper Trends for 2022’

If you’re looking to keep your feet up to date with the latest footwear trends this summer, don’t forget the slippers you wear at home can make a great style...
by Gwyneth Moore on July 12, 2022
Girl sitting on a bed

Reasons why everyone should buy some luxury slippers and dressing gowns this season

It's the perfect time of year for snuggly slippers and loungewear. See why you should be investing right now...
by Gwyneth Moore on June 10, 2022
Time to get your toes out! In Vegan summer Sandals!

Time to get your toes out! In Vegan summer Sandals!

Get ready for summer in sandals that make your feet feel good and your conscience clear! Designed in the UK and made in Spain, our range of gorgeous vegan slides...
by Gwyneth Moore on May 06, 2022
Results of our slipper tester role for 2021/22

It’s been a Whole Year of Slipper Love!

It’s been a whole year since we put a call out in 2021 for the ultimate dream job – as an official Bedroom Athletics Slipper Tester. We were looking for...
by Gwyneth Moore on April 29, 2022
Trending Slippers

Hot Slipper Trends for Autumn/Winter

Want to know what's hot when the weather is cold? We've got the killer trends that all slipper lovers need to know to ensure your feet stay super-stylish this Winter.
by Gwyneth Moore on December 02, 2021
Gosling Slipper Boots

The Ultimate Men’s Slipper Boot Round-Up

Explore our cosiest slipper boot styles for men. With something for every style, there's no need for cold toes and ankles this Winter.
by Gwyneth Moore on November 16, 2021
Slipper on Feet

Christmas Just Got Cosier!

We’ve put together some super fluffy, comfy and stylish options for keeping your feet warm and comforted this Christmas. If you’re looking for some stylish gift inspiration for your loved...
by Gwyneth Moore on October 13, 2021
How to Keep Your Feet Looking and Feeling Great!

How to Keep Your Feet Looking and Feeling Great!

As Summer draws to a close and you put away your sandals for another year, you may think the need to take care of your feet should follow suit. Hidden...
by Gwyneth Moore on October 05, 2021
Woman lying on the beach

Calling all Conscious Customers!

Our very first collection of vegan sandals have landed on site just in time for 2021 summer holidays, staycations and relaxed weekends. Launched under our laid-back, sea-loving sister brand Beach...
by Gwyneth Moore on July 21, 2021