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How to Keep Your Feet Looking and Feeling Great!

How to Keep Your Feet Looking and Feeling Great!

As Summer draws to a close and you put away your sandals for another year, you may think the need to take care of your feet should follow suit. Hidden...
by Gwyneth Moore on October 05, 2021
Woman lying on the beach

Calling all Conscious Customers!

Our very first collection of vegan sandals have landed on site just in time for 2021 summer holidays, staycations and relaxed weekends. Launched under our laid-back, sea-loving sister brand Beach...
by Gwyneth Moore on July 21, 2021
Leopard Print Banner

The Print to Go Wild for!

Fashion trends are everchanging and come and go faster than a British heatwave. But among all the others that are sure to be short lived, there’s one craze that will...
by Gwyneth Moore on June 30, 2021
Madison Sheepskin Sliders

5 Cool Facts about Sheepskin

You probably know we use sheepskin across a lot of our designs here at Bedroom Athletics.  From the super fluffy Madison slides to the luxurious Harris Tweed Kate and William...
by Gwyneth Moore on June 10, 2021
Mabel Slider Sandals

It’s all about the 5-9 right now - let’s get back out there!

We’ve all embraced more relaxed ways of dressing this past year and we’ve seen the rise of comfortable footwear as a mega-trend continue.  This has meant even more interest in...
by Gwyneth Moore on May 14, 2021
Girl sitting in the back on a camper van with a great view

Campervan Tips for Beginners

If you’re one of the hordes of people who took the plunge and bought a campervan this past year, then you’ll have your own stories to tell about your adventures...
by Gwyneth Moore on March 19, 2021
Our new slipper testers

Meet our new Slipper Testers!

We began a search in January for two Slipper Testers to join us. Fast forward a few months and we found ourselves overwhelmed with over 19,000 applications!
by Gwyneth Moore on March 09, 2021
Mabel Slides, comfortable indoor and outdoor wear for women

The comfort revolution!

Let’s face it we’re all loving our slippers right now, and why not? Comfort is, well….comforting, especially when we’re continually faced with uncertainty. Some things we can’t wait to return...
by Lee Catherine on February 17, 2021
Valentines Card coming through a letterbox

Valentine’s Day in Lockdown

As Valentine’s Day gets closer and the prospect of evenings or even days out are still not on the cards, we thought we’d take a look back at the history...
by Gwyneth Moore on February 11, 2021